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Photographer Yves Paris with Cameras

1. Your camera takes really nice pictures!
2. Can’t you just Photoshop that?
3. I wanted to invite you to my (birthday party, wedding, or other important event). You should bring your camera.
4. Why is the background all blurry like that?
5. Can you make it black & white but leave our eyes in color?
6. Geez! You charge that much? We only have to pay $19.99 for our sitting fee at Sears!
7. I’ll just print them at Wal-mart.
8. Gosh your job must be easy. You just click a button all day.
9. What’s the discount if I edit the picture by myself? There’s this great program called Picnik.
10. Can you take your watermark off the photos you posted on Facebook? My mom wants to print them.