Slim Fit with One Button:

A slimmer fitted jacket with one button and peak lapels is all the rage.  Choose a color that is closer to a midnight blue, to create a suave looking contrast with your black jacket lapels. Peak lapels help accentuate your shoulders and show off your amazing build.

Less Formal Wedding Attire:

Grooms are opting for suits over tuxedos.  It is very common for destination wedding grooms to wear linen and cotton suits in the summer, and charcoal and blue suits for evening weddings.

Simpler Shirts

Along with toning down the style of suits, dress shirts are becoming simpler, cleaner, and less formal.  There are fewer studded and bibbed tuxedo shirts being worn by grooms.

The Return of the Bowtie:

The bow tie has been coming back strong in modern weddings.  An oversized velvet bowtie is a great accent for any groomsman’s suit or tuxedo.  It’s always nice to take a bit of the old and mix it up with the new!



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