As a photographer, I know how stressful shooting a wedding can be.  The schedule, the traffic, the lighting…sometimes “the heat is on” us to jump over the hurdles and produce a great selection of photos from the event.  For photographer Jacki Bruniquel, what happened to her during one wedding is one of those stories that seems too good to be true until you see the actual video.

While photographing Murray and Emma’s wedding Ceremony at Netherwood Estate, Jacki Bruniquel’s hair caught alight after getting too close to a candle. One of Murray’s groomsmen attempted to help Jacki put the flames out. The moment when the groom meets his bride at the alter had some added entertainment.

Thankfully, Jacki was not hurt, and the bride, the groom, and the guests had a good laugh fromthe incident. As for Jacki, being the trooper and professional that she is, she carried on without skipping a beat.